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The Transformation 2016 project is an idea whose time has come.

For 40 years the environmental movement has adopted a range of tactics in the attempt to tackle climate change. But demonstrations, marches, blockades, petitions, letter and e-mail writing campaigns have all failed.

We have made some progress but now face rapid climate change, mass loss of human life and the sixth great extinction.

At the beginning of 2016 public opinion has changed, with overwhelming acceptance that the world of science was right – climate change is caused principally by burning fossil fuel and is bringing great pain.

Crucially the environmental activists know that the tactics used before do not work and most look desperately for a new path. Many are astonished that the most powerful arguments used to seek action do not come from within our movement; they come from scientists and even the financial services sector.

The Transformation 2016 project will tell environmental campaign groups and environmental activists about an incredibly hard-hitting road safety campaign formed in the 1990’s that achieved huge success. The key lesson from that campaign was that the language we use is crucial to success or failure. During 2016 this project will use the experience of that road safety campaign to help the environmental movement transform its language and demands; thereby delivering the radical change in government and business behaviour that humanity needs.

Background: The Road-Safety Campaign

The campaign was formed in the mid-1990s to force government to tackle loss of life on our roads. At that time the UK suffered the worst child pedestrian fatality rate in the EU, killing twice the average number of children. Speeding motorists were killing 130 children per annum. Government refused to act, fearing the “anti-motorist” label used by the tabloid press. In sheer frustration road safety campaigners retaliated, initiating mass leaflet campaigns that painted government as “anti-child” and the refusal to act as “violent child abuse”. Leafletting campaigns were organised in the constituencies of government ministers and shadow cabinet members. The media was attacked with the “I don’t buy child abuse” campaign and other incredibly powerful language.

In the year 2000 the Labour administration changed its policy within 30 days of the mass leaflet campaign in Tony Blair’s Sedgefield constituency. Government agreed to implement a range of measures that would halve the number of children killed and seriously injured within 10 years. The target was hit early, in 2007, and saved the lives of 520 children.

Two further, equally powerful, campaigns were initiated 5 years later that took on the Conservative opposition and also the press. This proved the power of language – mere words can force politicians and the media to change.

Transformation 2016

In 2016, the time has now come to deploy the techniques used 20 years ago – and force government to change direction and tackle the climate crisis. Today most politicians do not want to take radical steps to avoid the runaway greenhouse effect and keep global temperatures below 2C, let alone close to 1.5C. They turn a blind eye to the 340,000 infants killed every year by climate change (killed by the increased spread of disease in our rapidly warming world: Source, and many would allow the deaths of infants to rise rapidly by expanding polluting industries like Fracking and aviation.

The Transformation 2016 project is for environmental activists. It is a project that will change our language and transform our demands.

By the end of 2016 our movement will be telling the truth, not using insipid, inappropriate language that could have been designed by the fossil fuel companies.

We will be campaigning to: –

  • Stop The Climate Holocaust
  • Stop Criminal Damage to property
  • Stop Threatening Behaviour (the threat to increase emissions that kill).
  • Stop Manslaughter
  • Stop Murder/Mass Murder
  • Stop the Murder of 340,000 infants per annum
  • Stop Crimes against Humanity

We will demand: –

  • The Criminal Prosecution for murder – those politicians and key business leaders who kill others by expanding polluting activities.
  • The Criminal Prosecution for threatening behaviour – those who implement policies or expand industries that cause an increase in emissions that will do huge damage and result in loss of life.

Role of the Humanitarian Political Parties

Recognise that public opinion has shifted and people are looking for solutions to climate change. Develop dynamic new policies that appeal to the electorate. For example: –

  • Fossil fuel companies, not the taxpayer, to pay for flood, etc. damage & increased insurance premiums.
  • Fossil fuel companies to pay the full costs of climate adaptation both here and abroad.
  • Create a Royal Commission (or other body) to establish the potential to prosecute individuals whose actions made a large contribution to the mass loss of human life.
  • Explore all options for the forfeiture of assets gained through crime.

The Divestment Movement

The divestment movement will transform its language and will demand: –

  • That no one profits from mass loss of life and the death of 340,000 infants per annum.
  • The Forfeiture of Assets derived from the profits of crime.
  • The owners and shareholders of fossil fuel companies/activities pay for damage caused by extreme weather events and also climate adaptation measures both here and abroad.
  • The forfeiture of assets to be backdated to IPCC 2004, when the science was confirmed as certain.
  • That the ecologically aware political parties develop policies to implement legislation to prosecute, imprison and seize the assets of key climate criminals.

The NV Direct Action Movement

The NVDA movement will transform its language and will demand: –

  • That police and the judiciary prosecute those who murder children.
  • That police acknowledge the depravity of the crime – murdering 340,000 children per annum by spreading disease is a terrible way to kill. It takes many days or weeks to kill, while parents are forced to watch.
  • That individual police officers acknowledge that the NVDA movement exists to protect infants from those who would torture them to death.
  • That every police officer has a duty to ensure Chief Constables prosecute murderers.
  • That the NVDA is recognised as being anti-crime, the most noble of endeavours, conducted by the nation’s best citizens.


By the end of 2016 the environmental movement will be ‘fit for purpose’. It will be a movement that uses appropriately dynamic language and makes the types of demands that are warranted by this unprecedented threat. In 2017 the movement will be ready to take steps to prosecute key climate criminals.

One comment on “The Transformation 2016 Project”

  1. Absolutely. An Independant Climate Change body of experts who cannot be hoodwinked or bribed or threatened need to be put into place to hold governments and corporations who own the government’s to account, and the ability of that body to seriously and dynamically prosecute those who are found to be causing eco genocide.
    But how will we get such a body in place when the planet is being ruled by a handful of greedy psychopaths is anyone’s guess.
    Dynamic and direct cohesive global action is going to be required. AND FAST

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